SESF promotes e-sports in Sweden.

The purpose of SESF is to promote e-sports in Sweden. The association is non-profit and operates in accordance with democratic principles and religious, ethnic and party political independence. The Swedish E-sports association is open to anyone with an e-sports interest.

The Swedish E-sports Association (SESF) was started in October 2008 with a board consisting of Magnus Jonsson, Tomas Hermansson, Daniel Näsman, Robin Skoglund and Dennis Söderberg. All with a background in arranging tournaments in Counter-strike, Quake, Warcraft 3 and StarCraft as well as console games.

The work is led by the board and for each project a working group is appointed consisting of the association's members. Since 2016, SESF has been an association with associations as members. Individuals are instead members of the associations.


The Swedish E-sports Association trains referees and licenses players. When a licensed player participates in a tournament with licensed referees, everyone involved knows what applies. Misunderstandings can then be minimized and the tournament flows better.

Player licenses are obtained through our licensing system.

To become a licensed judge, the person must undergo training organized by SESF. The education can be arranged as a study circle at ABF. The study circle is free. Contact your nearest ABF office to get started! After the study circle, everyone must act as a referee in a tournament (not online) together with an already licensed referee. After this practice, the judge is licensed.

SESF sometimes arranges training in connection with the LANs we work with. Then a person can directly become a licensed judge by participating in the training.

The digital memberships are distributed with the help of TRUE -a service for secure digital documents. Click to view and verify a Membership.