About the membership

Issued by Svenska E-Sportförbundet SESF

Magnus Jonsson is a member of SESF.

The purpose of SESF is to promote e-sports in Sweden. The association is non-profit and operates in accordance with democratic principles as well as religious, ethnic and party political independence. The Swedish E-sports association is open to anyone with e-sports interest.

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The Swedish E-sports Association (SESF) was started in October 2008 with a board consisting of Magnus Jonsson, Tomas Hermansson, Daniel Näsman, Robin Skoglund and Dennis Söderberg. All with a background from arranging tournaments in Counter-strike, Quake, Warcraft 3 and StarCraft as well as console games.

The work is led by the board and for each project a working group consisting of the members of the association is appointed. Since 2016, SESF has been an association with associations as members. Individuals are members of the associations instead.

SESF has been a member of the International E-Sports Association (IESF) since 2011. SESF is thus Sweden's voice in the IESF and every year SESF also organizes the qualification for the IESF World Cup. Since 2015, SESF has also been represented on the IESF Board of Directors and since 2016 on the IESF Players' Council.